Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ta-da!!! Revisions

Okay, so I sold the book on Dec. 3. I received the revision letter from my editor on Dec. 4. The first time I read it, it was awesome. Very little to do, in all actuality. 
The second time I read it, I wondered if I was under-estimating what I needed to do.
The third time I didn't really read it, just sort of shuffled it from one place to the other - okay, I admit I re-read the "incredible sex scenes, as good as any we see" part. Did I mention that Red Sage also publishes Angela Knight?!
So, here I was stupefied like I'd been hit by a Harry Potter Wand blast. HOW do I do revisions? What is expected? What if I do it wrong? Am I reading this right?! Help!!!!
Fortunately, I have very supportive critique partners. They talked me down off the ledge.
Tonight, thanks to Mae, I was finally able to sit down and actually organize everything. We created order out of the non-existent chaos. (That would be the chaos I created in my own mind, btw). She reminded me of the great things the editor said about the book, my plot, my characters and that was why they bought the book - because it's strong. It just needs a bit of sprucing up.
So, now I know exactly what I need to do, where I need to focus my energies and am confident I will get it back to Theresa on time.
If not early!
How cool would that be?
Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck, Jen, I know you can do it, duh, you already did.

  2. Fun blog. Movies are a great medium, but I'm glad you're into novels. Easier to read at leisure!